Choosing a Termite Damage Company

Discovering termites within your property can be a burden, but finding the right pest damage company need not be. Still, considering that the chemicals used to eradicate termites carry significant health risks to humans and even to animals and the environment, you need to choose a reputable company.

Here are a few considerations before hiring a pest damage company:

License and Certification

First of all, pick a termite damage company that meets your state's licensing requirements and is certified. Keep in mind that licensing requirements are different from state to state. As well, make sure to hire a company with a license specific to termite damage, as not all pest damage companies are licensed to handle termites.

However, don't just believe a company when they claim to be licensed and certified. It's important to do your own research pertaining to this. Ask your prospective company for their license numbers and certification details and verify the information with your secretary of state and the certification issuer.

It's also good to talk to the company's previous clients and listen to what they have to say, specifically on satisfied they were with the Newbury Park siding service and whether or not there were recurrences.


On top of a license and certifications, you need your termite damage company to be insured, and you should verify such coverage too. This step is absolutely crucial when you're talking about termite damage. Homeowners' insurance usually excludes termite treatment or repairs, so you're basically on your own when it comes to protecting your property. Warranties with a damage clause are also not commonly offered by pest damage companies. Before signing a contract that has a damage clause, make sure you understand exactly what it covers. If a warranty program is too expensive for you, at least get a termite inspection once a year.

The Process

Ask the prospective number one siding company in Thousand Oaks what exactly they plan to do to eradicate your termite problem. Will they use traps or baits? What specific chemicals? Make sure they present their plan to you in written form for your reference. Do that with every pest damage damage company you're considering and make comparisons.

The Fine Print

In various areas around the country, pest damage services are split into general pest damage and termite damage. Your contract must cover the service you're seeking. Also take time to read the contract thoroughly and understand every detail. Definitely, you need a written contract for your own protection.

Your Intuition

Lastly, if a company somehow makes you feel ill at ease, it may not be wise to work with them. Remember that this is not going to be a one-shot deal. Pest damage technicians usually visit your house from time to time, so it's crucial that you are comfy with this idea.

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